Using method
Where to install
1. Level the ground before installing the Bio-Toilet. Execute reinforcement work on the ground so that it can bear the weight of the main body.
If the ground is weak and there is a concern that it may tilt, execute foundation work in the area the Bio-Toilet is to be installed.
2. Please install horizontally.
Operating and using method
1. Turn on the power. A voltage drop caused by an extension cord will result in an overload phenomenon wherein the motor and the fuse in the power supply part will go out. Please use with the appropriate voltage.
2. Please press the push button after using the Bio-Toilet. The screw will turn, the human waste, toilet paper, etc. will disappear into the sawdust, and the decomposing process will take place.
Management of the sawdust
1. Standard for changing the sawdust in the case of a normal use is about once ~ twice a year. The time to change will differ according to the actual frequency of use and the condition of the sawdust.
If use is continued exceeding the use standard or if the function of the sawdust deteriorates and becomes sticky from using for a long time without changing the sawdust, please replace with new sawdust.
2. An appropriate amount of moisture is necessary for activation of the microorganisms.
If the sawdust becomes too dry and the temperature becomes high from being heated by a heater, turn off the power to stop the heater or replenish with moisture.
3. Do not input too much sawdust. The amount cannot be too much or too little. The criterion is for the screw to be visible. More than 10% of the screw should be visible. If the sawdust is too much, the agitation may become defective.
Changeover switch for the heater
1. There are two switches for the heater. Turn off one of the switches when the sawdust becomes too dry. The performance of the heater will be cutback by half. If two switches are turned OFF, conduction of electricity to the heater will stop.
If a non-use state continues for one week with the heater switch left ON, a safety device will activate and conduction of electricity will stop.
High power heater of F model specifications
1. There is a switch for the high power heater and when the switch is turned ON, electricity is conducted to the high power heater. Please use this switch only when there is excessive moisture in the sawdust.
Function intrinsic to the sawdust is restored by promoting the moisture to evaporate when the toilet is used beyond what is the standard.
2. Please monitor and check on the condition of the sawdust if the switch for the high power heater is turned ON. Make sure that the sawdust does not become too dry dependent on the using circumstance of the toilet.
Periodic inspection of the sawdust
1. Please inspect the sawdust in the Bio-Lux more than once a month.
2. Take the appropriate measure if there are foreign matters mixed in the sawdust, if it is too wet, or if it is too dry.

Use precautions Please follow the instructions without fail!
Make sure that the garment you are wearing such as the upper garment or the under garment does not hang inside the toilet tank.
Do not insert your hand or foot inside the toilet tank.
If a child or a physically handicapped person is to use the toilet, make sure that there is an attendant to ensure safety.
Refrain from taking any action that will damage the power cord or the power plug.
Do not remodel the bio-toilet nor should it be disassembled or be repaired by a person other than a qualified technician.
Use the outlet independently and not for any other purpose.
Remove the dust, etc. from the power plug periodically and do not insert/remove the plug from the outlet with a wet hand.
Insert the power plug completely.
Do not use the Bio-Lux in an unstable area or on a carpet with a low heat resistance.
When removing the power plug, hold the plug instead of the cord.

Safety precautions
Do not use for purposes other than for decomposing • treating organic wastes.
Inspect the sawdust at least every month. Make sure it is not too dry or too wet.
Use only toilet paper. Do not use any other kind of paper.
Sources of fire are forbidden including cigarette butts. (It may cause a fire)
Do not input foreign matters such as vinyl, metal, wood, etc. including bones and shells. (It may result in a malfunction)
Do not install in an area of high humidity.
The humidity may cause an electric shock or malfunction.
Avoid abnormal drying of the sawdust in the toilet tank.
If abnormal drying of the sawdust occurs, there is a concern over catching fire from carbonization. When abnormal drying occurs, add an appropriate amount of warm water to increase humidity in the sawdust.
Turn off the power when the Bio-Lux is not to be used for two weeks or longer.
If there is a concern over the moisture in the sawdust freezing, remove the sawdust.
Do not input an excessive amount of sawdust.
The appropriate amount of sawdust to be input is to be able to slightly see the top part of the screw in the toilet tank.
The principle of this Bio-Lux is to provide an appropriate condition to the sawdust. Please use this Bio-Lux by adhering to the using conditions.