Bio-Toilet includes four keywords, which are "environment", "nursing care", "recycling" and "disaster countermeasure", all of which are very important in the coming generation. Today, water from the water supply is used without any concern in flushing toilets but the ground water is not inexhaustible. Bio-Toilet does not require sewage treatment hence the enormous cost for the sewage treatment currently being expended will be decreased by the amount being expended on toilets. Furthermore, there is no odor hence even a chair type toilet for nursing care installed in rooms has been commercialized. Bio-Toilet has numerous advantages such as conservation of the water resource, decreased burden in nursing care, prevention of environmental contamination, and cut back on the infra cost for sewage works. In the 20th century, the flush toilet was the barometer for civilization but the 21st century is an age of the Bio-Toilet.
With regards to industrial property rights (patent, design, trademark) on the Bio-Toilet, 6 patent rights and 16 design rights for organic waste decomposition and processing equipment (Bio-Toilet system), chair type Bio-Toilet for nursing care, etc. have already been approved and 16 patent applications and 2 design applications have been filed. The record of performance in delivery of the Bio-Toilets as of November 2003 has exceeded a total of 900 units and is contributing greatly to revitalizing the local industry.spaceoffice building
Seiwa Denko Headquarters
Company nameSeiwa Denko Co., Ltd.
PresidentToshihiro Kitsui
Address1-3-2 1-jo Kogyodanchi, Asahikawa
EstablishedOctober 17, 1974
Capital50 million yen
Business description1.Manufacture / sales of Bio-Toilets
2.Sales of electrical appliances / machines and instruments
Brief history of the companyOctober 17, 1974: The company was founded as a wholesaler of lighting fixtures.
1988: Changed the name of the company from K.K. Seiko Shomei Shoji to Seiwa Denko Co., Ltd.
1994: Established an Environment Project Division
1995: Started the production of organic wastes processing equipment / Bio-Toilet.
1999: Moved the headquarters to a new building in Kogyodanchi and opened a Bio-Toilet Exhibit Hall at the same time.
2001: Obtained a patent for the Bio-Toilet. Successively obtained patents, design rights, etc.
2002: Developed an on-site temporary toilet / mountain top toilet.
2003: Developed a Bio-Toilet for domestic animals.
History of awards receivedVarious awards such as Shinkosho (Special Award for Advancement) and Shoreisho (Special Award of Encouragement) were received from various organizations in 1998 ~ 2003.
February 2001: Technology Award from The Japan Wood Research Society
May 2001: Distinguished Service Medal from the Asahikawa Tourist Agency
September 2001: Kanshajono Tate (Shield of Appreciation) from the Philippine Minister of Environment
October 2002: The Small and Medium Enterprises Agency Chokansho (Director-General Award) sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention
November 2002: Cultural Promotion Award from Hokkaido Newspaper
January 2003: Kitano Kurashisho Award from the Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Headquarters