Odorless non-sticky compost is produced
The mechanism of almighty nature
Bio-Lux is a dry toilet called as Bio-toilet in Japan or, an organic waste processing equipment that uses the power of nature based on biotechnology to annihilate the pathogenic colon bacilli, parasitic insect eggs, etc., convert into sanitary compost, and restore to the earth by means of aerobic fermentation of microorganisms existing in the excretions or in the physical world.
There already is a track record of use at various places such as at campsites, parks, golf courses, mountain cottages, farms, plants, areas not installed with a sewage system, etc.
Original aerobic fermentation system
With the usage of this unique equipment adopting our own technology, human wastes, garbage and other organic wastes are decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and residual minerals without generating bad scent. No special bacteria and chemicals are used at all. Normal sawdust filled in the equipment plays a very important role as an artificial soil matrix. Aerobic fermentation is, in association with a heating system, performed effectively in the presence of oxygen supplied by the specially designed agitator.
Formation of safe compost
Through the decomposition process running with heating and agitating process, human and other organic wastes are converted into odorless, non-sticky and safe compost because the harmful bacteria has died and the moisture has evaporated. As a consequence, a “natural circulation” cycle, which turns the wastes into the soil by employing the power of nature, is realized.
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Simple installation work
It can be installed and used at a location that does not have a sewage system. As a consequence, bad odor is not emitted to the surrounding areas and can prevent pollution of soil, ground water, and river that results from throwing away human wastes and raw
Simple, clean, and economical maintenance • management
There is no fee for water service like in, for example, the flush type or purifying tank type toilet. The maintenance fee is just the cost of the electricity and sawdust.
Even collection of the compost involves simply to replace with new sawdust once ~ twice a year.
If you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden at home, the compost is of good quality that can be used safely as is as a soil conditioner.
Variety of products
As enclosed, there are varieties of Bio-Lux according to the different usages and sites. Our development work for new models and applications is going on to keep the pace with the increasing concerns and market demands.